Monday, 30 April 2012

Good Bye Netbook

Friday was a sad day for me as the weekend before I had dropped my netbook and it stopped working, So Jimmy said we will take it to get looked at on payday (Friday)so he could pay to get it fixed.

We went into Curry's they kindly took a look at it and couldn't work out the problem instore so they surgested sending it off to be taken apart and properly looked at, But this is where the bad new came they said just by looking at it, The cost of fixing it could go well over £100 plus there was a £50 charge just to send it off, Now My net book only cost £150 brand new and annoyingly it should have still been under warrenty as I only got it for Christmas but to sign up for the warrenty I needed to fill out a form which my son kindly disposed of not long after Christmas.

So While we was in Curry's the man that took a look at it said if it only cost £150 to buy it would be pointless spending more to get it fixed, Both me and my husband agreed it would be best to buy a new one.

What shocked me was the man in Curry's didn't even surgest buying one from them he said we should take a look in CEX to see if we can get a new one for cheaper than what they were selling ones for, So off we went to CEX they only had a few instore and what shocked me was I could buy a brand new one for £40 more, So me and my husband both decided to go back to Curry's and just get a new one and make sure we sort out the warenty right away.

As we went back into Curry's the same man that helped us before saw us and asked how we got on in CEX when we told him about the price of there cheapest one he showed us there cheapest one and it was only £10 than the second hand one, Jimmy said I could choose any one I wanted, So I was a little cheeky and saw a really nice Samsung one that I fell in love with it was £230, Lucky for me Jimmy said yes so the man sorted it out for us and offered us an extra warrenty that would cover it being dropped for just £5 a month and we excepted it as I didn't want to have to pay for another should something happen to this one.

So I'm now the proud owner of a very nice Samsung netbook, The outside of it is black but the inside is white with a really nice red stripe around the edge. I have to say I like this one better but I'm still sad to say good bye to my old purple one.

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