Sunday, 22 April 2012

Happy Birthday baby girl

So yesterday (21/04/12) was my baby girls first birthday, It has come round so quick.
Going back to 21/04/11 the day she was born it was a mental day really as that morning me and my husband had been out shopping and then came home so he could go to work, He was on late shifts at the time working 12pm-8pm So while he was at work I cracked on as normal, My son who had only just turned 2 was having his nap and I beleave my oldest daughter was at my parents as it was easter holidays, My son woke from his nap about 12:30-1pm and was having trouble breathing and kept screaming and wanting cuddles so I rang my husband and he said take him to the doctors as soon as it opens (2:30pm here)So I sat down and gave my son all the cuddles I could until the doctors opened, At the time I was having a few pains and didn't really think about them as I was to worried about my son, It got to 2:15 and I got my son in the pushchair and went off to the doctors so I could get in as soon as possible.

2:30 and I walked in the doctors and asked if they could fit me in the receptionist took one look at my son and quickly found a doctor to see him, She put him strait on a nebulizer and prescribed him and inhaler and steriods and booked him in for 6pm so she could see if they was working or if he needed to go to hospital, While he was on the nebulizer The doctor asked how far gone I was and 37 +1 and she replied oh so you really don't need the worry then, Little did she know my pains were getting stronger and more regular, Of course I didn't tell her I was having pains.

We finaly got out of the doctors and I rang my husband to tell him what happened and also to tell him I was having contractions, Of course he started to worry as Jovie was breech so I was booked in for a c-section so he said he was coming home, By 4:30pm he was home and my contractions were getting worse so he rang the hospital and they said to come strait in, So we had to ring my sister to come here and look after Lucas we also had to ring the doctors to make sure it was ok for her to take Lucas back for his check up, Which made us panic even more as we wasn't sure if he would have to go to the hospital.

By 6pm we was in the car and my husband must have broke about 10 speed limits just to get me to hospital as they was getting worse and I could feel the pressure of my waters, At the hospital he pulled up outside and by this time I couldn't walk so he got a midwife to wheel me in while he parked the car, I got in the room and they checked me I was 7 cms, So they gave me gas and air while they read my notes, Silly me forgot to say she was breech and all I herd was the midwife shout shes breech and then the bell went and I must have had half the staff in my room at this point Jimmy came in and thought he had the wrong room as he couldn't see me as they was preping me for an emergency c-section, Finally got in the theatre and they scanned me to make sure she wasn't to far down that they wouldn't be able to get her and then I would have had to have a natural labour with some help, But luckly she was just hanging there as they told me.
So Jimmy came in and sat next to me and at 7pm on the dot Jovie was out cord wrapped round her neck 4 times and not breathing, finally she was brought over to us and the doctor said it took us under 3 mins to revive her, But here she was looking as small as could be only weighing 5lb 3oz.

A year on and she is still a tiny little girl as shes still in 6-9 month cloths but she may be tiny but she can do a lot, she took her first steps at 8 months and finally started walking all the time at 10 months, She can climb onto our sofa and just get into mischeif but well worth all the trouble I had on the day she was born.

So as it was her birthday she got lots of presents, Toys and clothes and I even plucked up the corage to make her birthday cake and I have to say im very proud of it. Jovie had a very nice day even if she didn't really know what was going on.

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