Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Lucas

3 years ago today at 9:26am Lucas was born weighing 7lb 13oz and two days early, So today we have been celebrating his birthday, my husband took the day off work as he really wanted to see how Lucas would reacted to his presents. So this morning I woke up to see Lucas standing in our hallway trying to get the balloons off the wall, I told him to go in and wake daddy up so he wouldn't go in the living room where all his presents were.
So after opening all his presents he soon wanted them all out of the boxes, So while me and Jimmy were busy opening them he was playing with whatever we had already opened, The poor thing really didn't know what to play with first, Due to some people forgetting his birthday we decided we would take a trip to toys r us and get him another present of his choice, Mainly because I felt sorry for the fact he had been forgotton.
Once he had chosen his new toy we went off to Tescos to get some food for a picnic in the forest, The weather wasn't the best but we sure had fun walking round the forest and searching for a nice spot to sit and eat our lunch, When we got back to the car it started to rain so I think we timed it right, When we got home Lucas wanted to play with his new toys again still not knowing which to play with first.
When it was dinner time we had decided we was going to treat him to a Dominos pizza so we was back in the car to go and pick it up, After dinner we got the cake out and Lucas was very quick to blow the candle out and within seconds he had taken a bite out of the cake, Luckly I had managed to take a photo before he did that, He has gone to bed very tired but he still wants to play with his new toys so im not sure how the night will go with him, But overall I think its safe to say he has had a very happy birthday.

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