Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter everyone

I hope you all have had a good Easter bank holiday, Sadly mine hasn't been the best Friday morning I got a phone call from my sister telling me my Nan had passed away, I used to be really close to my Nan when I was younger but as I got older I never went to see her as often, I feel happy knowing she got to see her Grandkids grow up and have kids of there own, So as you can imagine Friday I didn't really do much.

On Saturday I thought it would be nice if we all went to my parents for breakfast, Normaly its just our oldest that goes, But I felt my Mum would need all her family around her and Lucky for Tianan she got to stay the night as my dad was going away for the night, While Tianan was at my parents all day we had the chance to sort the kids room out and a big thanks to our neighbour that very kindly gave us a new wardrobe, chest or draws and bed side cabinet for the kids room and a really nice sideboard for us, The kids room now looks much bigger as we managed to get rid of a wardrobe a chest of draws x2 and a tall boy all of which was in our kids bedroom, After a busy Saturday I sat down in the evening and relaxed and made up some paper eggs for the kids to find on sunday.

On Sunday when Lucas woke up he very quickly found his first egg so I explained to him he had to find another 4 before he could get his chocolate egg after a little help he finally managed to find them all and got one big chocolate egg for it which was eatern by him in seconds, My little pig.
Tianan came home from my parents around 11am and I explained to her she had to find her 5 paper eggs, She found them just as quick as Lucas did but didn't eat her egg as quick, for some reason she has it in her head that shes not allowed to eat chocolate so she wont touch it when offered to her, Which is a bit of a problem when both her and Lucas each got 7 big eggs, As you can imagine Lucas now only has a few left but Tianan has loads, I can see this becoming a problem when Lucas has eatern his last one.

Oh well that will be a problem we will have to deal with later on.

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