Wednesday, 21 November 2012

She's growing up

For the last few weeks my youngest has been a complete nightmare at bed times, we would put her Down to sleep in her cot and the moment we would leave the room she would scream her head off.

Me and my husband were at a loss on what was wrong with her till today when we thought we might as well turn her cot in to a bed, we figured she's not sleeping well at night anyway so we might as well try her in a big girls bed.

My husband spent the morning changing the cot into a bed while I entertained our little girl as soon as my husband was finished we let her in her room and the first thing she did was jump on her bed,
she absolutely loves having the bed how it is and being able to get in and out when ever she wants.

Well tonight she went to bed at 6 like normal and at 6:30 I went to check on her and she was fast asleep, I couldn't be leave it after weeks of hardly any sleep for me and my husband and all we needed to do was a simple thing.
I'm sad in a way as she will be my last baby and now she's growing up I just wish hey could stay babies for a little longer.

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