Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cbeebies The Album

Like most kids my son loves Cbeebies and all ways dances to the songs on the shows, Now we don't even have to have Cbeebies on the TV for him to do that and the best bit is with the album he can replay his favorite song again and again, Not a good thing for me but he loves it.

The Cbeebies album has two cds full of all the well known songs 50 songs to be exact for example In the night garden, Everythings Rosie and Mike the knight plus many more there is even 10 songs that the presenters sing these include some of the songs I'm sure you have all herd again and again for example Summer song, Goodbye sun hello moon.

My sons favorite song at the moment is Tree Fu Tom it has been played so much in the last week I think I know all the words to it, Even MY 18 month old daughter has been dancing away to the songs although she did get very moody when Waybuloo came on and she couldn't see it on the TV.

I was given this copy for review but if I wasn't given a copy I would definitely have brought a copy as not only does it keep the kids entertained during the day at home but it even keeps them quiet in the car.

The Cbeebies album is available nationwide and through online music retailers now

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