Sunday, 11 September 2011

My Village street fair Part 2

So if you read my first part you would have known there was fireworks and live music, So me and my husband and the kids all went back up there at 6:30pm, As we got there the place was filling up already but we found somewhere to sit, So my husband went and got us some drinks I normally don't drink alcohol but I decided to have a cider anyway.
As we was waiting for my husband to get back with the drinks my son and daughter was dancing to the music that had just started.

My daughter found some of her school friends when we was up there so she went off to play with them and my son kept trying to go to her so he could play, I think my husband must have lost weight the amount of running after him he had to do.

Soon the live band started up and everyone started to get very loud and to my surprise my youngest was really looking like she was having fun even though she was in her pushchair.
My son really started getting into the music and finally sat down and stopped trying to run off to play.

By about 8-8:30 the band stopped for the fireworks, they were not as good as last years but they still has the kids mesmorized by them even my youngest was just staring up at them, When they stopped the band started up again and didn't stop till about 9:30 by this time my son was getting tired and decided he wanted to go home by dragging me to the direction our flat is, so we headed off home, we all had a really great time I just hope next years is better than this years one.

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