Friday, 9 September 2011

Ballyhoo Toys Ltd, Shape sorting clock

The lovely people over at Ballyhoo Toys sent me this really nice shape sorting clock for my kids to test out, The clock is suitable for 3+ years and all the edges on the shapes are rounded off so they wont hurt your child, The clock is made out of wood and has a raised bit on the back so it doesn't lie flat.

Since this arrived in the post both my kids have been fighting over who's going to play with it, So my daughter at school my son has had all the time to play with it and everywhere he has gone he has taken the clock with him, As he is only 29 months I need to give him full supervision while he plays with it, So when he has been playing we have been doing some of these extension activities that is suggested on the back of the packaging, For example naming the shapes,

With my son not being a big talker I thought he might have problems But I have managed to get him to say star, And when I ask him to point to a shape he does it,
So overall this toy is great for helping your children learn and with its bright bold colours it makes it very eye catching for little ones.

My daughter also had a turn on this clock, She didn't need help putting the shapes in or knowing what shapes what, But it is helping her to tell the time as I would set the time and then ask her to tell me the time.
If you would like to buy this toy or any other toy that Ballyhoo Toys sell you can do that from here
Ballyhoo Toys also has a facebook page where you can find all there latest information and you can find that here

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