Sunday, 18 September 2011

My boys growing up to fast

I cant beleave in the last month how much my boy has changed, He's gone from a little mummy's boy who always wanted cuddles to someone that will only give kisses and cuddles at bed time, The he decided he wanted to use the potty instead of a nappy and now he no longer has a nappy on during the day even when we go out he wears his big boy pants.
Im sad seeing him no longer in cloth nappies, well apart from bed time, Im also in shock at how quick he has become potty trained,
It took nearly 5 months to get my first potty trained and that was with lots of bribing and treats everytime she used her potty, But we haven't needed to do that this time.

I really thought I was in for a tough time but he has proved me wrong and made me a very proud mummy and as a well done present we brought him a new sports bottle with his favorite film cars on it.

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  1. aww bless him, at least he was easy to potty train. My little boy is growing up to fast too, its scary how quick the years go x