Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hamster buggy bags

Having a light weight pushchair is always a worry when out shopping from fear of it tipping if you put to much shopping on your handles, With the Hamster buggy bags thats no longer a problem, When you buy them you get two bags one for each side of your pushchair.
The bags might look small but they unfold into bigger bags that velcro onto your pushchair, both bags are the same and the both have a main opening and inside that you will find a place to put a bottle of your babies milk or juice and then there is a smaller pocket thats handy for keys, money or even your phone, You can also use the part that the bag was folded into as a pocket.
You can fit a lot into these bags but you need to make sure you balance out the weight, You don't need to take them off your pushchair when you fold it as long as they have nothing inside them it wont be a problem.
You buy a pack of 2 bags for £29.99 and there is a choice of colours and patterns you can view all there colours and patterns here you can also buy them from there too.
Before you do buy you will need to make sure they will fit onto your buggy and you can do that from here
You can also visit there facebook page to find out all the latest information can you can find it here


  1. these are what i want for my pram that look great, even better now ive seen them on your buggy ;o)

  2. There great I no longer need to carry my huge changing bag around with me

  3. what a great idea, might have to invest in some of these lol