Sunday, 26 June 2011

4Little1's Medicine dummy

I was given the chance to review the Medicine dummy and was over the moon, My daughter was born with a low birth weight so everyday we have to give her Folic acid, Iron and Multi vitamins, We have always had a job giving her them.

Before using the dummy we had to boil it for 5 mins and then it was ready to use, It was easy to put the medicine in and none dripped out.

As my daughter takes dummies normally we was wondering how she would take to this one as the teat is slightly firmer than a normal dummy, She took to it very well and it was easy getting her medicine into her without any spills.

After use you need to clean the dummy in warm soapy water and flush the teat, This was very easy to do, Its definitely a must have if you have any sort of medicine to give you children.
You can buy these online at there website 4Little1's
They also have a Facebook page that you can view here Facebook page

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