Saturday, 11 June 2011

Baba+Boo Washable nappies

I first started useing thease when a friend told me about them so I went and brought some, I only brought 5 to start with and now I have 25 soon to be more.
There very easy to use even my husband has no problems putting them on my two youngest children, There from birth to potty so they have various poppers on them to fit the size you need,
When you buy them they come with 2 inserts one for a booster for heavey wetting children with both inserts in them my boy thats 2 gets 4-5 hours wear out of them, They are quick drying and I wash them one day and the next they are ready to use again, You can get them in a wide range of designs and colours and they even do a special try a nappie and if your not happy they will give you 70% of your money back on the return of your nappie, Details can be found here

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