Saturday, 19 November 2011

Christmas is coming YAY

I'm so excited this year for Christmas, For me Christmas is all about the kids, Every year my husband asks me what I want and every year all I say is nothing as I would rather the money spent on our kids,
I have already started buying presents for everyone because most years we leave it to the last minute and panic, so I didn't want that happening again.
Me and my husband have agreed that this year we will be making the Christmas dinner as simple as possible and not to buy a huge turkey, Even though I always make pies and curries out of the left overs we still have loads go to waste.

I will be putting my Christmas decorations up on the first Saturday of December so my oldest can help with the tree, Each year I like to put the tree in a different place in our living room, So I have been looking for the best place to put it and found it, The thing is now I know where its going I want to put it up now, I also buy more and more decorations each year, I'm sure I will be getting complaints from my neighbours soon as I keep buying lots of lights for outside, I even said to my husband I want the outside lit up so bright that we wont need street lights on (oh the cost of the electric).

This was my lights two years ago,
last year I added more

Keep an eye out for more Christmas related posts, From things to cook to things to make with the kids.

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