Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Lack of sleep is killing me

Having 3 kids you are all proberley thinking I should be used to lack of sleep, Well thats where you are wrong, My daughter who is now 5 slept right through the night from 5 weeks old she went to bed a 7pm and never woke until 10:30 am, A lot of people said you will never get that with a second child but they was wrong.
My son who's now 2 and a half slept from 7pm right through till 7:30am and that was because I had to wake him to take my daughter to pre-school,

So yes I have had it very easy with these two, But sadly my luck has run out, My six month old normaly wakes once a night for a bottle, But now its worse as shes teething she has been staying up till about 8pm and then she will wake again around midnight and then every hour after that, Whats not helping is she also now has a cold so when she feeds she keeps stopping to breath so we have to keep clearing her nose to try and get her to feed like she normaly would.

My husband bless him when he's not working (weekends) he will take over and look after our daughter at night, But even if im not the one ment to be dealing with her I still wake up and end up sorting her out as my husbands a heavey sleeper he doesn't hear her.
If anyone has any tips on how to help me please let me know, Im willing to try anything for a good night sleep.

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