Sunday, 7 August 2011

MAM Oral Care Rabbit

The MAM oral care rabbit is designed so you can give you babies regular oral care right from birth, It also helps to get them used to having there teeth brushed, The oral care rabbit cleans babies mouth and removes plaque and bacteria easily, all you have to do is put your fingers in the rabbits ears and gently massage your babies sore gums or if they have teeth its perfect for cleaning them to get your baby used to having them done.
The oral care rabbit its made from soft materials and not only can it be used for cleaning there teeth and gums but My little girl likes to give it a cuddle and a chew.
You can was it at 40 so their is no need to go out and buy a new one should it get grubby.

My little girl thinks its a game when I use this on her and starts laughing, Its good to know that she lets me use this so hopefully when the time comes to using a proper tooth brush on her she wont mind me doing it.
You can buy the oral care rabbit from here here
Also please go over to there facebook page where theres lots of competitions and you can find out about all the latest products from MAM and theres lots of great people to talk to, You can visit there facebook page here

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  1. these look like a great adea and would be great for their gums, might have to get one for when my baby arrives