Saturday, 20 August 2011

My kids eye problems

As some of you are aware my 5 year old girl and my 2 year old son both have eye problems, So I thought I would write up about what the problem with there eyes is, Most of you probably wont have herd of it I know we hadn't until my daughter got diagnosed with it.
There main condition is subluxated lenses, This means that the lenses in there eyes are loose and wobble around at every movement of there eyes.
Due to them having this we have been told they cant do any contact sports or anything that could risk them hitting there heads, Not a problem at all for our 5 year old but our 2 year old just doesn't understand, To top of there eye condition they are both very short sited and the hospital found it very hard to get a proper reading, But they still got one, My daughters perscription is -12 in her right eye and -11 in her let eye not the full perscription as she was really -18 in her right eye.
My sons turned out to be even worse his perscription is -18 in his right eye and -16 in his left eye he also has miss shaped pupils which we have been told will make his site worse, One of his pupils is shaped like a heart and I always thought he looked cute with it.
So both my 5 year old and 2 year old now wear glasses and need constant hospital appointments.

When my son got diagnosed with his problems the hospital said we should get our 4 month old checked out, So we had to get her refered but the doctors and had a long wait for her appointment to come round, But shes had her appointment and two hours later she got the all clear, We have been told they want to monitor her incase any problems arise later on but for now I feel happy knowing she can see me.

The strange thing is you would never have known my kids had any problems with there eyes as they could always spot people they know from a distance, never bumped into things and could watch the tv fine.

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