Sunday, 7 August 2011

MAM Anti Colic, Self Sterilising Bottle

The MAM Anti colic bottle has a vented base this helps to regulate the pressure balance. The milk can flow evenly without bubbles and without foaming, Not only is this bottle anti colic but you don't need a steriliser as you can do it with just the bottle,
This is how its done.
Fill the base of the bottle with 20ml of water (you can use the cap as it has measurements marked on)
Place the teat into the ring and place it onto the base.
Place the bottle on top of the base.
Place the cap over the top.
And finally pop it in the microwave for 3 minutes (Longer if you are doing more than one bottle)

Since using MAM bottles on my daughter I have noticed she sleeps longer at night and hasn't suffered from Colic, So happy baby and happy mummy.

If you want to buy these bottles you can from most supermarkets and most shops that sell baby products, You can also buy them online from MAM here.
Please also take a look at there facebook page for all the latest information from them and plenty of competitions and there is also lots of other parents to chat to, You can find there facebook page here

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