Sunday, 14 August 2011

Been a busy weekend

Now the weekends nearly over I can finally sit down and relax.
I've been extra busy this weekend as my two oldest share a room we was going to have our youngest in there with them but we just couldn't trust our two year old boy not to get in the cot when shes in it,
So it was time to move the cot out ready for when my daughter needs it, It wasn't until I moved the cot into my room that I realised how big it really is, But its now at the bottom of my bed, waiting for her to go in it.

At the moment shes still in her mosses basket and out of all my friends babies that are the same age she seems to be the only one still able to fit in her mosses basket.
After finally getting my room sorted it was back into the kids room to sort out there toys, They have far to many they don't play with so When I was going through them I was looking to see what I could sell on and what just needed to be chucked away, I found a fair few things that would be worth selling on so im keeping my fingers crossed that someone on netmums would like to buy them.

On Sunday we was trying to think of what we could do to get the kids out of the house so we decided on taking them to the local carboot sale, My daughter kept saying can we buy this to any old rubbish and I kept telling her we will look around before we buy anything, As I knew she would buy something then change her mind about it as she would see something else she wanted.
Our first buy was some clothes for my youngest girl two tops and a pair of trousers for just £1.50, Im surprised at them as it was my husband that spotted them and said we should get them.

Then our second buy was for my son it was the VW campervan from the film cars at a really small price of just 25p, My son is a huge cars fan so we couldn't turn it down at that price.

Then finally my oldest daughter got her turn and we found two zhu zhu hamsters for £5.00 for the pair again I couldn't turn them down as there normally £10.00 for just one.

And the last thing we brought was a jigsaw puzzle for me and I blame my son for this as when I was sorting there room out he had got hold of all the jigsaws and mixed them up and I spent over an hour sorting them out and it got me in the mood for doing one for myself so when I saw a brand new never been opened jigsaw for just £1 I had to get it.
I have a feeling it will keep me busy for a while as its 1250 pieces and it took me an hour just to sort the edges out.
I will keep you updated on how I get on with the jigsaw.

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