Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bonfire night with Princes HotDogs

I was asked to try out a few different ways to serve Hotdogs for bonfire night parties, everyone must have herd of the good old classic Tomatoe sauce, mustard and onions but with a HotDog mad son it has slowly got boring and i find myself cooking something different for myself.

I was sent some Princes HotDogs and a few different ways to try them we chose to do ours using part baked baguettes once they were fully cooked I cooked up some baked beans and put them at the bottom of the roll, I the cooked the Hotdogs and put one on top of the beans and then sprinkled on some grated cheese and then served.

These went down a big hit with the kids that I didnt get to try any of the other recipes and now when the kids want hotdogs they always ask for the special ones, Hopefully I will be able to test a few of the others out sometime soon and when I do I will let you all know how they taste.

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