Friday, 26 July 2013

Hulk Vs Wolverine DVD

Those of you who may be thinking that this is another live action feature length movie will be very disappointed. Hulk vs Wolverine is an animated movie and is not for children of a young age, the age rating of 12 should be enough to make you aware of that but for those who think it will be a cutesy film need to be made aware that this is Marvel at it's visceral best and featuring 2 of the worlds most recognisable anti-heroes.

Drawing from Wolverines back story the mysterious Canadian governments Department H has called Wolverine back into action to track down and kill if necessary somebody who destroyed a town that is on the US – Canadian border. After a few hours he comes upon a scrawny, semi clad man sitting on a log. Not knowing that the man is Bruce Banner Wolverine doesn't heed any warnings not to “Make me angry” and this queues an epic battle between Hulk and Wolverine.

Whilst they are keeping each other busy unbeknownst to them other members of Department H are closing in a ready to take both men alive and shoot them full of tranquillisers.

It is really nice to see some of the not quite so popular characters of the Marvel Universe being featured as members of Department H, Lady Deathstrike, Deadpool and Omega Red are featured along with the more familiar name of Sabre-tooth, and it is during this part of the film that Hulk stops being against Wolverine and both of them team up to try and escape the clutches of Department H (headed by Professor Thornton) as potentially deadly experiments are being planned for them so an ultimate weapon can be created. For risk of spoilers I wont go into who or which side are victorious but this animated feature is left on a cliffhanger.

From a technical viewpoint the animation really is amazing and if you are a fan of modern graphic novels or just the Marvel universe in general it will suit you down to the ground, as will the choreography of the spectacular set pieces. Voice actors have been well cast too especially Fred Tattasciore as the screaming rage machine that is Hulk and Steve Blum as the ever growling Wolverine.

Those who have only really experienced Marvel from the slew of recent live action movies along with those who have grown up loving Stan Lee's characters will love it in equal measures, however unfortunately I can see the former group looking over it while browsing the shelves at their local DVD retailer and dismissing it as just another childrens movie, they will do so at their loss as it really is a great film.

You can buy this DVD now in all good retailers.

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