Monday, 28 January 2013

MAM Snack Box

I'm a huge fan of MAM products and when I was asked to review the new MAM snack box, I was a little excited as this was one thing we was lacking for my daughter,

The MAM snack box is so easy to use for both parents and baby, The lid comes right off for easy filling for the parent and then once the lid is back on there is a smaller lid that you can take off that stays attached to the main lid so you can fold it under the main part of the pot and attach it to create a little handle for your child to hold it easily, As with all MAM products its BPA free.
The only problem I have had with it is my daughter caught me clipping the lid to the base to make a handle and she now liked to try an look to see if she can take it off, but other than that its been getting lots of use and comes everywhere with my daughter now so she always has something to snack on when she's hungry.

You can buy the new MAM snack box from there online store here there is 3 colours to choose from Pink, blue and green and they only cost £5.99

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