Saturday, 5 January 2013

Crosse & Blackwell, 4 Kids pasta range

I was asked to try out the Crosse & Blackwell 4 Kids range with my kids, My son is a really fussy eater now so when I saw they did Disney cars pasta, I couldn't wait for them to come so I could see if my son would eat them with out any fuss,

The Crosse & Blackwell 4 kids range is low in fat, low in sugar, has no artificial additives and no artificial colours, perfect for lunch or as an extra part of dinner.

Before I cooked some up for my sons lunch I showed him the tin and he got very excited seeing Disney cars on the tin, I made him some toast to go with it, A very quick lunch to make if your really pressed for time, After giving my son his lunch I was expecting the normal thing from him that would be yuk followed by him pushing him plate away, But that didn't happen infact he ate all the pasta and left a little toast, as he was eating it he kept pointing out that it was cars.

From now on I will be stocking up on more of the 4 Kids pasta range as I know its something my son will now eat and its a nice quick lunch to make for him too.
You can buy the Crosse & Blackwell 4 Kids pasta range from most supermarkets, I have seen it in one supermarket on offer at the moment too so that was even better for our pocket.

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