Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Anger Management, TV series Season One

I had herd of the film Anger Management but didn't know about a TV series so I was very excited to be asked to review it, Its starring a few well known actors/actresses Charlie Sheen, Selma Blair and Shawnee Smith, There was even guest appearances from Denise Richards and Martin Sheen.

The series is about Charlie (Charlie Sheen)as an anger management therapist who also has his own anger issues and sees his own therapist Kate (Selma Blair)but he also kind of has a relationship with her aswell.

I wasn't sure what to expect with this but when I put the DVD on I was instantly glued to the tv, I foolishly put the DVD on around 10pm and kept saying to my husband I will go to bed when this episode has finished well that never happened I kept wanting to see what was going to happen next, I ended up watching the first disc that night and couldn't wait to start on disc two.

Both me and my husband really enjoyed watching this and now we can't wait to see season two we just hope its as good as the first one is.

You can buy Season one of Anger Management now from most supermarkets.

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