Monday, 28 January 2013

We have a date

Finally after a while of waiting we have a date for our sons operation, it's made it even more real now and making me get a little worried yet I know he's in the best care,

His operation will be on the 26th February and he has to be nil by mouth from 2:30pm the afternoon before, and as we live outside of London my husband and son will be staying in accommodation provided by Great Ormond street hospital the night before as he has to be at the Dinosaur ward for 7:30 the morning of his operation,

The good news is he will only have to stay in one night after his operation, but annoyingly he has to go back after two days for a check up and a few more check ups after that.

Lucky for me my family have offered to look after my other two children the day of my sons operation so I can go down early morning to be with my husband and son, but I know it will be hard leaving them both that night.

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