Monday, 21 January 2013

Ape Escape

When I have lots of housework to do I often put a DVD on for my kids to watch so I'm not being pestered by them to change the channel as they don't like the next program on, So when I was offered Ape escape to review I thought I would give it a try with my kids while I did the housework.

My son was a little unsure of it at first as its not the normal things he would watch but all 3 of them sat down and watched it and only pestered me when the DVD had finished as they wanted it played again.
My oldest daughter enjoyed it that much that she asked if she could take it to her nans house for her sleep over and has since had it on her DVD player most nights of the week since it arrived, So I think its safe to say its a big hit in our house.

Specter the leader of the ape world, was just an ordinary ape at the zoo, until an intelligence boosting helmet was accidentally dropped into his cage and he put it on, when he put the helmet on he is suddenly given the intelligence of a human and even starts to look human.

Ape Escape is base on a popular Playstation game and has 19 episodes on this DVD and is released on DVD on 18th February, The RRP of this DVD is £7.99

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