Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Munchkin, Disney toddler dining set

The Munchkin Disney toddler dining set is a must have for any Disney fan, You can buy a choice for designs, My daughter is a huge Minnie fan and we was lucky to get the Minnie set sent to us to review, I opened the box and pulled it out and as soon as my daughter saw what was in there she started shouting mine mine, Lucky for us the post arrived just before breakfast so she was able to try the spoon and bowl out right away.

Both the bowl and plate have a grippy base and this has been a big floor saver as my daughter loves to push her plate around the table and it always ends up on the floor, But with this set she hasn't been able to do that, The plate is divided into 3 sections which I love the idea of this as it makes sorting her food out so much better, The fork and spoon that comes with this set is rounded for safer feeding and has a curved handle for easy holding.

I have found that since my daughter has started using this set shes eating more of her dinners as she likes to see the picture on her plate, I have also noticed that shes been using her fork a spoon a lot more than she was her others that we brought her.
The toddler set we was sent is suitable for 12 months plus and I think its perfect for getting your little one eating by themselfs.

To find out more about there Disney range please click here

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