Thursday, 9 February 2012

Half term already

Well today is the last day of school for my daughter, I don't think she will be happy as she loves school and really misses her friends, But this half term I have prepared some activities to keep her busy. (Fingers crossed nothing spoils my plans)

So here is what I have planned for her and my son, My sister got me an Argos cataloge because she works for them and thought I would want one, I never use a cataloge so I was just going to put it in the recyling bin but then a thought popped in my head, So what I will be doing with it is cutting out lots of the pictures and then the kids can use them to make there own pictures.

My next thing planned for them is, My daughter got a plaster of paris magnet set (well 2)for her birthday last may, They have never been used so I will be digging them out for her and her brother to have a go with.

And what half term wont be complete without a bit of baking with the kids, I have cookies and Banana muffins planned to make with them.

Still doing all this will only take up 4 days with them but I'm hoping the weather might be nice enough for us to all take a walk round the fields where we live.

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