Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Meet family member number 6

So this is family member number 6, His name is Mr Ginney, The name was chosen by our 5 year old daughter as we brought him for her Christmas present, Only she got him in October.
My daughter had been asking for a guinea pig for a while after reading one of her school books about a child that wanted one, So we did a lot of research on guinea pigs and found that they are the best small pets for children (We was also told this by the pet shop too)

So one Saturday back in October when my daughter was with my parents me, my husband and our other two kids went to Pets at home to get all the things we would need for a guinea pig, We had originaly planned on getting the guinea pig at the end of November but while we was in the pet shop we couldn't resist having a look at the guinea pigs they had, Big mistake for us as we fell in love with Mr Ginney and knowing that he wouldn't be there come the end of November we decided to buy him right away.

When we got home with him we set up his cage and hid him in our room our plan was to keep him hidden away till Christmas day, It didn't last long sadly as I had compleatly forgot and asked my daughter to go put something in my room and while doing this she saw him in his cage, So we decided she could have him early, She was so happy that she couldn't wait to tell all her friends at school.
My daughter is very good at looking after him, At 5 years old we really thought we would end up doing everything for him but she has proved us wrong, Everyday after her dinner she goes and gives him his food, fresh veg and hay, But asks us for help when changing his water as she can't quiet reach the kitchen sink, While shes feeding him she gives him a fuss and gets to hold him when one of us is around as he likes to try and make a run for it sometimes.

I would definately recommend a guinea pig to anyone wanting to get there child a small pet.

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