Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pillow pet from Mookie toys

I was sent a Pillow Pet from Mookie toys to review, When it arrived my 5 year old daughter got very excited as I had explained that one was being sent to me to review, As soon as it was out of the box my daughter was very quick to take it off me, We was sent a panda one and My daughter said it looks so cute and its so soft.

I have barely got a look in with it as she never puts it down and always takes it to bed with her, What I have seen is that there is a velcro strap that you use to turn it into a nice fat panda and to get it into a pillow you simply un velcro it and lay it flat, What I really like is there is a bit of fabric to cover the velcro to stop it catching on any thing else.
I was a little worried that after being slept on for a few days it wouldn't go back to shape when you turn it back into a panda, But I was wrong its still nice and fat and from feeling it the stuffing hasn't gone lumpy like some pillows do sometimes.

This has been a big hit with my daughter and my son has even taken a liking to it so it looks like we will be buying him one very soon.
You can buy them from there online website for just £19.99 and you can find there site here
There is many different designs to chose from so theres something for everyone
Also take a look at Pillow pets facebook page here
And Mookie toys facebook page here
Where you will be able to find out all there latest information

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