Monday, 30 January 2012

Weight lose has made me feel better about myself

So take a good look it doesn't happen often and you proberly wont see another photo of me, But since I have dropped a dress size and lost weight I feel happier about myself, I haven't been eating healthy and I haven't really exercised apart from the school run that I do every week day, But what I have been doing is Wearing my Zaggora Hot pants/Capri Flares, Since wearing them my jelly belly (as me and my husband have always called it since having our kids)has got firmer and flatter and my stretch marks have faded lots too, I have herd that they work better with exercise so my husband has kindly brought me a dance game for his Xbox so as soon as it arrives I will be using that, I still have 4lbs to lose to get to my ideal weight so not to far to go.

And the best thing about losing weight and dropping a dress size is that I got to go shopping for new clothes, I have decided to stay away from what I would normally wear which was plain vest tops and jeans, I have even decided not to wear trainers all the time too now, So with all this I now don't feel ashamed of the way I look when I go to pick my daughter up from school as I always felt people were looking at me, They proberly wasn't and it is proberly all in my head.

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