Friday, 13 January 2012

Im so happy

Last month I was lucky enough to win a pair of Zaggora hotpants They arrived new years eve and right away I put them on under my jeans, After a few days I had to keep pulling my jeans up when I was walking around as they was getting a little lose on me, Well today I have been wearing them for two weeks with a few days off in between to wash and dry them and I'm happy to say I have dropped a jean size already I used to be in a size 12 now i'm a size 10 finally back to the size I was before I had my children,
Not only have a dropped a size but my jelly belly has also got firmer and looks a lot flatter than it used to, I never thought I would get rid of my belly so this have made me very happy.

I also want to add that I haven't really done anything I wouldn't normally do, So i'm still eating my normal foods, Although I did do a work out Dvd one day in them but it nearly killed me so I haven't tried it again.

I have since gone out and brought some new clothes and have ditched the plan boring vest tops and jeans for much different clothes that I wouldn't normally wear as I was always worried how big my belly would look in them.

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