Thursday, 5 January 2012

Money saving and no wasting food Up date

So if you read my post about my plans for 2012 you will know what i'm on about, So far thing are going great, We had a whole chicken new years day and I saved any leftover chicken (and there was a lot) and used it Monday to make a chicken stew this went down very well with all the family and there was even enough left so I could blend some up for my youngest.
We also now have a new rule in place for my two oldest children so now if they don't eat all there dinner they know they wont be allowed any sweets or snacks later, Which is going down well with my 5 year old and she is now making sure she eats all her dinners just in case she wants something later, My two year old though doesn't seem to really care.

Now onto the money saving, I have been slowly having a clear out and any unwanted items that are still in good condition I have been selling and instead of spending the money it is sitting in my purse just being forgottern about, I have also started using a site called Approved foods I came about this site because my sister was getting large amounts of sweets for my kids and I asked her how she could afford huge boxes of them, So since then I have placed and order and had it arrive already and last night from using what I had brought I managed to make a large meal for the 4 of us for just over £3 it went down very well with my husband as he loves to have lots on his plate to eat.
My 5 year old is also doing her bit at saving money by selling all her double Moshi Monters she has and what money she has been getting he has been buying the ones she needs, I have also noticed a huge difference in in the price I pay for my washing powder as I have switched and now use soap nuts so no longer need to buy washing powder and conditioner and the soap nuts cost me £8.50 for a big bag on Ebay and I have had this bag for about 4 months now and there is still loads left.

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