Monday, 18 June 2012

The Daddy Of All Breakfast With Aldi For Fathers Day

I was asked to cook a breatfast with my kids for there dad on fathers day with all food and drink coming from Aldi, Unfortunately my 6 year old was in high demand all weekend so I roped my 3 year old into helping me, It was hard going but well worth it.

As you can see from the photo I was sent a box of 6 free range eggs, Specially Selected Ashfield Farm Smoked Sweetcure Streaky Bacon Rashers that cost £1.99, Corale Baked Beans that cost 32p, Village Bakery Thick White Bread that costs 49p, Del Rivo Orange Juice with Bits costing £1.29, Ashfield Farm Butcher’s Choice Sausages (pork) that costs £1.49 and Sweet Harvest Peeled Plum Tomatoes costing 45p.

As fathers day was sadly on a day my husband was working I had decided we would celebrate it on the Saturday instead, So Saturday morning me and my son got up and started cooking the fathers day breakfast, I have a few videos now for you all to watch.

This one is the cooking of the breakfast.

This is Daddy enjoying his breakfast.

And as I didn't want to bore you with every minute of him eating his breakfast you can watch on the next video him finishing it off.

 And what fathers day doesn't have presents, Luckily our 6 year old had come home for a bit so was able to give her presents to him.

I sneakily cooked up some breakfast for myself to try and I couldn't beleave how nice it all tasted and after I told my husband what shop it all came from he now wants to go there and get more.

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