Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Why I hate cars

Last year we had a real tough time with our car constant repairs leading to us having to get a Credit card just so we knew we could pay for any part that needed fixing.

It started off with just a simple spark plug and leads, Not costing to much as we knew someone that could do if for us and do it cheap, Then it went wrong again and left everyone confused what it could be after spending more money on different parts it turned out to be a simple loose wire, So after having that fixed the car was working great months had passed with no problems.

Then it was the dreaded MOT time not thinking to much about it, My husband took it off to get tested only to come home and tell me the bad news it failed the MOT and not only that it was going to cost us over £300 to get it through the MOT, I was in complete panic as it was a tough month money wise for us but I knew we needed a car other wise my husband wouldn't be able to get into work, So after paying to get it through its Mot we was stuck with hardly any money and we had to really budget our money.

I am now dreading the next MOT and even though its a few months away yet I have already been talking to my husband about just getting rid of our current car and just getting a new one.

We are still very much undecided on what to do, I think for now we might have to just start saving money to see what happens come MOT day at least then if it fails we might be able to buy a new car for less than the cost of repairs.

As you can see I just feel they cost way to much money not only with repairs you have the price of petrol and then the road tax and insurance, Sometimes I just wish it was easier to be able to walk everywhere.

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