Thursday, 7 June 2012

Our visit to Great Ormond Street Hospital

So today was the day our son had his appointment at Great ormond street hospital, We decided to go on the train to get to London as it would have cost more money to drive there, Our son was very excited to be going on a train and couldn't wait to get on it, Sadly the excitment didn't last long and he soon got bored, Luckly the train ride wasn't too long and we arrived in London and we headed off to the hospital. When we was there our son had an eye check one where he had to say what the pictures were on the board the lady was holding, She then had a look in his eyes and sent him off for some eye drops.

Once the eye drops worked we then went off to see another doctor who looked at our sons eyes more closely and then discussed what their plans are for our son, To put it into simple terms they have said they want to double check that his right eye is the strongest before they go ahead and removed the left eyes lense, they also want to try and centre his right pupil so that he can hopefully see through his lense in his right eye better.

We now have to wait 3 months for our next appointment but I feel happy knowing their plans for our son.

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