Friday, 22 June 2012

Fussy eaters

For the past two months we have been having trouble with our 3 year olds eating, For the first week I just ignored it and carried on cooking him his normal dinners hoping that he would just eat them, By the second week we still had no luck with him eating his dinners then we found 4 foods that he would eat they were sausages, chicken in breadcrumbs (they had to be proper chicken breasts, tomatoes and burgers.

Obviously not a great healthy choice but we would give him one of the meat options and lots of cherry tomatoes and it was working all his dinners were being eatern for the next two weeks and then we hit problems again.

He just didn't want that anymore I felt at a loss and just didn't know what to do, So good old Google came into play and I found some advice through them of trying to get your child to cook there dinner with you, So tonight I had my son at the cooker with me and he helped cook meatballs and pasta.

To mine and my husbands shock he ate it all and looked very proud so we are going to cook lunch tomorrow and see if it works again, I'm keeping my fingers crossed it does and if it does then it looks like from now on I will be having a little helper when cooking.

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