Tuesday, 29 May 2012

FM Make up, Second skin foundation and mineral eyeshadow

I was asked to chose which foundation and eyeshadow I wanted to try out for review I chose the Heather intense eyeshadow, Sadly my photo does not do it justice, There is 3 colours in this eyeshadow pink, very pale pink/ possibly cream and a purple, I used it like the back of the box said and that was to layer it up with all 3 colours but you could just use one colour at a time if you wanted, This is how the box said to do it, Apply the lighter shadow to the entire eyelid, then the medium one to the middle of the eyelid and at the end model the external eye corner with the darkest colour, When you get the hang of it, Its really very simple, You can buy this eyeshadow in other colours too and the retail at £8.99 for 10g, This eye shadow is definately something I will buy again as it gives you plenty of choice on how to wear it.

When it comes to foundation I have only ever used powder so this liquid one was a whole new experience to me, I found it easy to use with its pump dispenser and found that when I was wearing it you could hardly notice I had any on at all, I also found that it left my skin feeling soft, Being liquid I thought it might have left my skin feeling and looking greasy but I was wrong, You can buy this foundation in other colours (I chose the natural cream)and they retail at £12.99 for a 30ml bottle.

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