Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Lots on my mind

I've had so much on my mind recently, It's just been one thing after another for me so I need to get it all off my chest before I explode, It all started off when my son had his last eye appointment and we got told his eye site has got worse and was being reffered to great ormand street hospital they also said that it is likely that he will need an opperation, After being told this my heart sank, Since then I keep waiting for a letter from the hospital to see whats going to happen, Nothing has come yet and I feel in limbo at the moment because of it.

Then It must have been a month- a month and a half after being told that, That my Nan passed away over the easter bank holiday weekend, I'm still getting over this and then I hear something that really got to me.
Some woman in the playground at the school my daughter goes to was banging on about how bad her sons eye is and saying he is 95% blind in that eye, She was saying he is long sited yet in her words he can't see things far away which is wrong as most people know long sited means you can see fine for things far away just not close up. I asked my friend that talks to her to ask her what his prescrption said and low and behold shes been lying to everyone, Yes he has a bit of poor vision but its not that bad and he can see perfect far away. It really bugged me that she was telling people this in my ear shot as she knows my son and daughter have really bad eyes and all the mums at the school we're commenting saying wow how does he manage being nearly blind and all I wanted to say was why don't you come and ask a mum who's son is nearly blind.

I feel a little better after typing this out but I still feel I need a break or maybe some chocolate, a good film and a nice relaxing bath might help.

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