Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hello baby, Brio Duck

When I think of Brio I think of the wooden train sets, Little did I know there is much more to there name, So when I was sent the Brio duck for my daughter to try out I was really excited to see what there other toys are like.
Nearly all the duck is made from wood so its a really sturdy toy which would definately last a long time, As you pull the duck along the wings flap and its head moves it even makes a quack noise, Which my daughter loves as she thinks the duck is chasing her.

Since its arrival in out house my daughter hasn't stopped playing with it, Its even got to the point that if my son takes it to play with she starts screaming until its back in her hands.
I really think its a toy thats going to be played with day after day and being made of wood I know its going to last.

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