Saturday, 19 May 2012

Happy 6th Birthday to my not so baby girl

My oldest turned 6 on 18th may, Wow have them 6 years gone quick, I remember the day she was born so well, It was the best day of my life, Must admit I was a little shocked but the red hair but that didn't matter she was (and still is) my beautiful little girl, Friday morning she woke up and quickly ran into the living room to open her presents, Her main present from us was a Nintendo ds lite and a Moshi monster game she had been asking about for ages, So she was very happy with that and all her other presents she got.

We was running a bit late for the school run due to her wanting to play with her new toys so my neighbour took her to school in her car for me so she wouldn't be late, As her birthday was on a friday she didn't get home to me until around 6pm as she does pottery class after school and then goes out with my parents for dinner, When she finally came home she was straight on her Ds, We ended up letting her stay up for as long as she wanted, After all she has no school the next day.

On Saturday we had a party for her she was allowed to invite 6 of her friends along and lucky for her they all came, I went a bit over board on the food and my husband even said I dont think 6 adults would be able to eat all that food, Opps I bet you can all guess what our dinner was tonight.

My daughter also wanted me to make her birthday cake, She wanted Tiamo the moshi monster so I agreed as I knew it wouldn't be to hard to make as soon as my daughter saw it she loved it.

So once again Happy birthday to my not so baby girl.

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