Monday, 7 May 2012

Milton, Mini portable soother steriliser

As a mum of a daughter who uses soother keeping them sterile can be a bit of a problem, But with the new Milton mini portable soother steriliser thats no longer a problem.
Its really simple to use and it has a handy strap that you can use to attach it to your pushchair so you will always have a sterile soother handy.

Using the mini steriliser couldn't be more simple, All you need to do is take out the sponges inside and fill the base up to the line with cool water and pop in the special steriliser tablet (the steriliser comes with 10 tablets), Wait for that to dissolve and then place the sponges back inside the base and its ready for you to place you washed soother inside and screw the cap on and wait 15 minutes and its ready to go.

Your soother can remain sterile inside for up to 24 hours and there is no need to change the solution after sterilising one soother as you can use it more than once within 24 hours.
If you would liked to find out more about Milton and there products please go visit there facebook page here and you will never miss out on there new products.

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