Friday, 31 August 2012

Food shopping gone good

Me and my husband was wondering where all our money kept going to and found out our main problem was on food shops, When he would get paid we would go do a big shop and end up spending nearly £200 on basically junk food (Not good)and every week after we was spending another £100+ on food for dinners and lunches, So we decided to go back to getting our veg from Riverford to see if that helps us, But upon us choosing our veg box, We saw a lovely fruit box that we knew would go down well with our kids so that also went in our basket, And then we noticed they sold meat boxes too so again one went in our basket,

We have been ordering this now for over a month and the price on average (depending on the veg box we choose)is around £55, Now obviously we still have to go to the supermarkets for other bits but that is now done with me sending my husband a text telling him what we need and he pops over to a supermarket after work (very handy as his work is just over the road from one)

Our kids have still been getting there treats or sweets and crisps but that is done through approved foods and only ordered once a month and the average price for that is £20 with the cost of delivery.

By doing this we have managed to cut down how much we spend dramatically and all the fruit, veg and meat is organic something I never thought I would be able to afford.
I think it really does save to shop around as I would just go to our nearest supermarket and shop there with out bothering to think of how much we are spending.

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