Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Homework Over The Summer Holiday

My daughter was given homework to do over her summer holiday, Which I didn't really mind, The only thing that bothered me was that it was going to cost me money as she needed to read a book by a certain autor.

So the day we got the information I searched the internet for a place to buy one very cheap, I managed to buy one off Amazon for just 1p but the postage was £2.89 still the price was good.

A few days later the book arrived in the post and my daughter got very excited and read it that night, So her homework was as good as done, But my daughter wasn't happy she wanted more books to read, I was more than happy to buy her more books as both me and my husband love to read, So over the summer holiday I have now brought her a total of 9 books, Which she likes to read one every night before bed.

On top of all her reading she has been doing I have wanted to get her to practice her handwriting as her teacher has mentioned a few times that its very hard to read, So every other night she comes in from playing and either writes a story or writes about what she has done in the day.

I'm hopeing that by her doing this she will be much better when she goes back to school, I admit I do feel a little mean as I get her in from playing early so she can do all this and her friends are all still playing outside.

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