Friday, 24 August 2012

School summer holidays

It's gone so quick and I haven't managed to do half the things I wanted to do with the kids mainly because on all the nice sunny days my husband has been working either he's been dragged in on over time or its his normal shift.

We was lucky that on one Saturday the weather was really nice and Riverford had a 25th birthday celebrations at one of there farms, So we packed a picnic and drove off to the farm, It took us about 1hr 30mins to get there but the drive time was worth it, My daughter was very excited to see where our fruit, veg and meat comes from and also all the free actvities they had planned for everyone that went along.

My daughter was a little upset that she couldn't get her face painted, If you remember a post from a while back she came out in a huge rash and we are now thinking its because she had face paints on and that was the only new thing she had come in contact with at the time. But my daughter managed to win herself and her brother a piece of fruit which they both gobbled up very quickly, No surprise there really as given the choice between fruit and sweets they will both choose fruit everytime.
Both my oldest daughter and my son got to sit on a tractor, My son was getting a little to into sitting on it that he even started pulling leavers and trying to get it started.
Sadly it was a little to hot that after just a couple of hours we decided to take the kids home and get them all a nice cool bath.

As this was the only time we could take the kids out we decided to splash out a little (or should I say a lot) on some new things for the kids to play with, We got our 6 year old a barbie skidder and a new hello kitty scooter, Our son got a balance bike and a game of matar golf and our youngest got her own pillow pet.

Some people might see it as pointless gifts for our kids but as we haven't been able to do much with them over the holidays we thought it would be nice to buy them some new things to play with, To try and make up for the lack of other activities.

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