Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Oh no why did I open my big mouth

Since my husband past his driving test in 2005 he has now had 4 cars,
He started with an old J reg proton and when we found out we was expecting our second child we decided me needed a bigger car, So he found a cheap Mondeo it was only a W reg so wasn't really new but it had all the mod cons in as it was an ex company car.

Sadley the Mondeo didn't last to long as the clutch went so we took it to get fixed and the garage that had it fixed it, Well so we thought when we got it back it was running fine but there was a terrible knocking sound and no other garage could find out what it was, So onto his 3rd car that too was a Mondeo this one was also a W reg and he got it at a bargan price as the original owner worked with him and was moving away so wanted to sell it cheap and knew my husband wanted a new car.

Well this Mondeo had done us good, We have just put it through its MOT and got it taxed, When I open my big mouth and said to my husband I will let you buy a new car if you can find one that you really really want and at the right price.

Stupid mistake to make as that night he was looking for a new car, Lucky for me there was none in his price range for the time being so he said he will save up for a few months and then get one, Me thinking he would forget about it.

But the next day we are out shopping and on our way home my husband sees a car not just any car one her originaly wanted when he got his first Mondeo, And to top it off he knew the person selling it, So he now has his Mondeo estate that he has always wanted and for a good price as the person selling it does up cars to sell on so he swapped our old car and £180 in cash (cheap as my husband had just filled our old one up with petrol)for this estate Mondeo, Now I have a very happy husband but it will teach me to say he could have a new one.

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