Saturday, 8 September 2012

Back to Great Ormond Street Hospital

Well on Wednesday my son had another check up at Great ormond street, It was ment to be to confirm his right eye was stronger than his left before they went on to operate, But when he was there the doctor took a look at his eyes with out drops in so he could see our sons pupils and how they were on a normal day, Only for them to ask if its ok for them to take medical photos of his eyes as they have never seen anything like his eyes.

This is a photo we have taken of his eyes, Not sure if you can see that well in this photo but his right pupil is not in the center and his left one is very miss shapen.

After my son had a photo of his eyes taken he had his drops put in and then once they worked his eyes checked again, At this point we was expecting to be told the full details of the operation they was going to do, But instead they have now said due to his eyes being so unique they would like to try a few other things to see if that helps before going ahead and operating.
A few things that was mentioned was giving him eye drops everyday to open his pupils to try and help improve his vision that way, They are really pushing for this one so I think next time he goes back in 3 months time he will be given drops, Another thing they wanted to try is contacts but both me and my husband know we will not be able to put them in and take them out everyday so instead for the time being our son has a knew perscription for a different type of lense to see if they help.

I will be keeping my fingers crossed as I would really love for his eyes to be fixed with out an operation.

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