Sunday, 9 September 2012

Nothing but respect for Vision express

Today we went to get our sons glasses sorted with his new perscription, While we was there we asked if they could fix our daughters too as she had fallen off her scooter over the summer holidays and had bent the frames a bit, When the lady herd us telling our daughter to be careful with them in future as they are her only pair the lady said she will sort out a second pair for free for her as her perscription is very strong and she can't go without glasses.

So the lady sorted a pair of frames for our daughter and found a pair for our sons new glasses, while she was filling out all the forms she saw that the NHS voucher wouldn't cover the cost of the glasses and lenses and it would have left us with a bill of £90, Really not what we want when he might only have them glasses for 3 months, So the lady told us to come back Tuesday when another staff member should be able to sort it out so we don't have to pay a penny.

This really shocked me as I'm sure if we went to some other glasses company they would have just made us pay the money, For this I am so greatful to them and know that I will never swap companies and continue using them even for my glasses I am now going to go there.

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