Friday, 7 September 2012

Vanish removes stains 1st time, Yeah right

Why do I fall for these things, Oh thats right the adds make out they really do work, Well heres whats happend, My daughter spilt tomatoe sauce on her school top at dinner time so right away I treated the stain Like vanish say on there packaging and put it in for wash.

Fast forward 1 hour 30 mins out comes the top and whats looking at me but a nice tomatoe sauce stain, This vanish cost me nearly £10 I feel robbed I can certainly say I will never be buying that again, Not only have I waisted nearly £10 but I now have to go out and buy my daughter a new school top and maybe a bib to.

The one day she doesn't get changed out of her school clothes and this happens well lesson learnt never buy vanish just because it says removes stains first time.

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