Monday, 3 September 2012

Great Ormond Street Hospital, GOSH Charity

As its only two days away from my sons next visit to Great Ormond street hospital, I really wanted to help give something back to them for all they are doing for my son, As most of my readers will be aware he will be having an operation on his eyes. I'm happy that its Great Ormond street hospital that will be doing it as most of you proberly already know how great a hospital it is for children.

Since my son has been under there care I have donated money and brought a really nice charity hoody from them, They have always been a charity I have given money to in the past but now they are looking after my son I want to do more, Which is where this post comes in.

Great Ormond Street Hospital provides inspirational and world-class care to hundreds of children every day. But they need to raise over £50 million every year to help keep the magic alive.

Here are a few points on how fundraising can help the hospital-

A few ways your fundraising could help
Amazing things happen at Great Ormond Street Hospital every day and the money raised by people like you and your friends and family is crucial in helping us continue with this great work.
·£25 could pay for five special masks to help newborn babies breathe.
·£100 could help pay for two week’s accommodation for parents to stay close by.
·£500 could help pay for a new play room in the hospital’s redeveloped site.
·£1,288 could pay for a recliner chair for a parent to rest by their child’s bedside

To find out more about how your donation will make a difference and to take a virtual tour of the hospital watch there short film Building a brighter future

Now after reading all this should you wish to donate(even a little amount will help)you can do so here
They also have a shop where you can buy GOSH charity gifts and you can find that here

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