Saturday, 8 September 2012

Dizolve, Non-bio washing sheet with concentrated cleaning power

Being in a family of 5 and a cloth nappy user as you can imagine I do lots of washing every week, I have no end of different things in my cupboard just for my washing, So being given the chance to review some Dizolve was great as each pack has 20 washes in yet its so small it takes up no space at all.

I was sent some fresh linen scent and some Lavender scent (Lavender is also a 2 in 1)Its hard for me to decide what one smells the best as they both smell really nice.

I did my first load of washing using the 2 in 1 lavender scented sheet and as soon as I opened my washing machine door I could smell the fresh scent, As I was hanging the washing out I was looking to see if I could see any sign of any left over sheet but none was found, I was very impressed with this as in the past I have found left over powder in my draw or parts of tablets left in my washing.

My next wash was with the fresh linen and I have to say I even tried this on my cloth nappies which I am very particular on how I wash them but as the first wash I did come out great I had a feeling of trust, After my nappies had finished washing I got them out and was very impressed with how clean they were using Dizolve.

My only down side with Disolve is not many shops stock them but I'm sure over time that wont be a problem should you want to buy some you can do from there online shop here and you can also buy them from these stores selected Waitrose (both Fresh Linen & Lavender), Selected Sainsbury's (just Fresh Linen), selected Morissons (just Fresh Linen).

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